Catalog of Most Recent Work

 Meditation Necklaces

The energy that goes into each necklace  is unique and the process is a deep meditation; each necklace I weave has a mantra, a theme. This theme is the focus of the piece, the guiding inspiration, I use to illuminate the path the weaving takes me. I choose the elements, the colors, and the pattern to convey the feeling of the theme in a wearable object of art. This work I’m doing feels sacred and so I am very delighted to share with you my “Mediation Necklaces”. I offer them to you with my whole heart.



The waves of color cross over from side to side and remind me of finding our equilibrium.  The deep red center represents the root chakra where our energy springs from and returns.  The center stones set in sterling silver, feature a drop shaped Botswana agate, which crystal healers believe to bring healing energy of unconditional love, calming and balance energy.  The other stones are smoky quartz, considered to have grounding and balancing properties.  The dangles are faceted onyx and sterling silver.  We all strive for balanced lives.  To grow we need to move outside our comfort zone, try new things, consider different ideas.  Moving between what is known and exploring the internal and external world we are constantly finding our balance again and again.  When life seems to spin out of control, come back to your center, take a breath and find your balance.    $475



The vintage enamel bird pin from Mexico reminds us that we are all the authors of our own happiness.  Blue represents the innate wisdom we all share, turquoise youthful confidence and an ability to concentrate.  The vishuddha chakra is centered in the throat and is responsible for speech.  Express your joy and happiness freely.  Share your blessings with your family, friends and the world.  .  The center dangle is a sterling hamsa hand set with an opal.  The hamsa hand protects the wearer from harm.  So go ahead, enjoy this beautiful world.   $395





Green is the color of the heart chakra.  There is room for everyone in our hearts.  Allow your love to flow freely and consider filtering life through your heart, rather than your logical brain.  Love is a mystery embrace it.  If you are thirsting for love in your life, just allow yourself to love others and soon you will be floating in a heavenly pool of love yourself.   The center stone is a composite of Gaspite with two large peridots all set in sterling silver, above which sits another beautiful peridot.  The dangles are also lovely faceted peridots  Some say that green stones help the wearer to overcome envy and possessiveness.  Deep and true love cannot exist without trust.  What a beautiful world we could share if we all trusted that giving love freely, without strings and conditions was the center of everything.   $325



This piece features examples of high energy with the color red and stability with the use of violet. Gold is also an important aspect in this meditation which represents freshness, happiness, positivity, joy and loyalty.  Orange is a color of friendship.  The citrine set in sterling is known for healing properties, purifying the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.  The faceted amethyst dangles represent luxury and a sober mind.  To demonstrate power it is important to know where one ends and the other begins,  Respect ourselves, speak our truth and do no harm is an ambitious goal but the essence of true power.   $475




The rich, warm color palette, 24kt gold  lined beads, sterling set citrine and faceted amethyst drops are all elements which exude opulence and good fortune.  These blessings belong to all of us.  Welcome all the good things under heaven.  The center glass bead I’ve created using 24kt gold foil and ruby glass to create a pomegranate, which represents fertility, abundance and marriage.  In the Jewish tradition, the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because the seeds corresponds with the mitzvot of the Torah.  Many cultures consider this fruit to symbolize fertility and love.  The red color represents the first chakra, our root into this world.  Red also is a symbol of passion and power.  Allowing ourselves to feel and be powerful, while respecting others and enjoying our blessings without shame or guilt is a beautiful and worthwhile idea to consider.    $425



   Mermaid’s Dream

It my fondest dream as a young one to become a mermaid. Besides the beauty they conjured in my imagination, the real idea of being able to plumb the depths of the oceans and live in a magical world kept me in touch with mystery in a welcoming way. Whether something exists in this concrete world or in the world of our imagination, being open to all possibilities spills over into every aspect of our lives. It’s a marvelous freeing consciousness to embrace our dreams, fantasies and dearest wishes. I think it keeps a special place in our hearts open–supple and green like the seaweed that moves with the currents of the ocean. The elements I’ve chosen for this piece include a school of tiny glass fish I have made by hand as well as the glass slide, an opalescent ammonite, pearls, coral and of course, a color palette in various shades of green.   $395



Sometimes I feel joyous, sometimes sad. It occurred to me that is what makes the stars in the sky twinkle. Reflecting the sun and turning away from it. The light and dark is what makes things sparkle. This piece seems neutral and at the same time has a variety of shades of white, gray, silver, gold, beige, tan. It feels like a glorious day at the beach. Some of the elements are sterling set biwi pearl, sunstone, vintage scarab and a gold lined heart and aventurine beads I’ve made.   $325



For me to take action, I must first feel stirred inside. There is a vibration that resonates with movement, but it must be in a balanced and authentic way. Sometimes it’s about following my bliss, but it can also be a duty, a calling. Doing the woven pieces embodies all of that and more. This piece features a large tiger’s eye stone along with a peridot, blue topaz, citrine and fossil specimen all bezel set in silver. The sterling star and moon are charms I’ve created and the tiger’s eye heart dangles from the center, where all good hearts should reside.   $300




            Letting Go

When creating this piece I exercised the ability to let go. For decades I’ve collected beads, gems and amulets. Some of these pieces are not available any longer and others are quite rare. Recently, it has been my absolute pleasure to feel free of these objects which I’ve held onto for so long. The woven pieces I’m now creating tell me what they require and in many cases I have just the perfect design solution in my collection. What ease and grace I find in being able to lead a more fluid life and not hold on to material objects or even ideas. The centerpiece in this work is an enamel yin/yang bead which I’ve stewarded for more than 25 years. The blue and white striped Venetian trade beads are very old, as are the granulated silver bead caps. Being free and able to let go is one of the greatest blessings in my life.   $300




Everyone has their own idea of what heaven is. It is certain that it is bliss, joyful, a place of great happiness. I am surrounded by paradise everyday. Gazing up in a tree, witnessing someone being sweet and kind to their child. Loving up my doggy or replacing judgement with understanding. I feel so blessed to see the way to my own heaven. I hope and pray everyone can find their own paradise. The rich and beautiful color palette is reflected in the center highly washed transparent, silver lined cloisonne enamel from my collection. Also, the center glass beads are my own work.   $325





One of the favorite flavors of sweetness. When I created this piece it was a reaction to the previous piece which featured a bold and dark color palette. I actually had to work in this very Lily Pulizer color way to cleanse my color palette. It is a light hearted and very girly girl necklace. It requires special personality to carry off such a feminine and sweet design. The centerpiece is a handmade glass disk I created, as well as the lime silver foil lined heart and the rose melon and dichroic beads.   $275







Every design requires many decisions. While creating this piece my first decision was to allow the warp threads to be exposed. The color of the warp is a violet purple and it adds so much richness and interest to the pattern. Sometimes the perfect way is to go to the foundation and let that out and be exposed. Getting older has given me the courage to let my hair down and more and more find who I really am and let that shine out to the world. It feels like that is translated to my designs and I’m so glad. The asymmetry of this piece is also tremendous fun. Elements used are several of my handmade glass beads, a sugelite set in sterling and a variety charms.   $425




While creating this piece the relationship of the color palette is the foremost element. The shades of green and lavender blend together in a way that sets my heart in flight. Playing in that field of color is one of the profound joys, which makes the “work” I do really and truly PLAY. For many years we had a quote on our refrigerator “Nothing is work, if you’re enjoying yourself” Peter Pan. It’s a quote worth committing to memory and implementing in life. Somehow, the pressure is dialed down in my life and most of what I do is play–I play in the garden, I enjoy home keeping, cooking and I especially love to play in my studio and create these lovely woven necklaces. This piece features an assortment of my handmade glass beads, stones, charms and boatloads of love.   $425



While playing with the gorgeous purple color scheme for this piece, I discovered how adding one very small element completely changed the look and feel of the design. The idea that one very minute change can greatly alter a result was a very powerful idea. Finding the right adjustment to make things zingy is a fabulous discovery. The center piece is composed of my own glass work as well as the melon beads, glass slide and purple rondels. The dangles are faceted deep purple amethyst. Symbolism for the color purple are royalty, luxury, power, devotion, mystery and magic just to name a few.   $395


Sunrise Sunset

The lush color palette of this piece is inspired by the gorgeous purples, oranges and golds that sometimes appear at sunrise and sunset.  It is also a beautiful song from Fiddler on the Roof.  One of my fondest memories is of my Uncle Ollie singing that song to me.  My uncle played a major role in my life and as time went on he and I became very close.  This necklace features not only glass beads I’ve made but a glazed, ceramic house.  My uncle made it possible for my husband and I to live in our dream home and not a day goes by that I don’t feel gratitude to Uncle Ollie for all the love and care he gave to me.   $650