It’s taken many years but I’m finally feeling more and more patient with myself and the entire world.  The weaving I do helps me to practice patience when the threads get tangled up, I stick myself with a pin or more challenging, a design just doesn’t come out the way I planned.  Recently, as I was cleaning up my studio, I found one the first pieces I created which was a disappointing effort at the time.  A friend has expressed interest in purchasing it and I wouldn’t sell it because I wasn’t proud of it.  Looking at this piece with fresh eyes it became clear what it needed to turn itself into a real beauty.  Originally, the piece seemed a failure but with time, and some new ideas it became something I would be willing to share.  It’s important for me to live in the moment and also realize that given a little time and personal insights everything can change and grow into new ways of being.  If I hit a roadblock I can step back and let life guide me to an opening for inspiration to enter.  If anger and frustration takes over,  it only postpones the possibility of my energy to flow to a gentle and open place.  Frustration is wanting things to be other than they are.  Acceptance of what is allows me to breathe and take in the world, which is filled with possibilities.

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