Blog -New Opportunity–showing my work online

After much coaxing by friends and family, I’m finally beginning to venture into showing my work online.  Fortunately, my husband Jim, who has been my craft show roadie all these years is making it possible for me to get my first collection rolling out.   The latest work I’ve done are the off loom woven necklaces.  It feels like my interest in color  (I’ve been painting for most of my life), glass (I’ve been making glass beads for almost 30 years) and the fiber arts, which I discovered when I belonged to the Bead Society many moons ago and had the good fortune to meet the late Helen Baynes.  Helen really pioneered the off loom weaving.  Recently, I was called to revisit this unique weaving process which incorporates beads and marries my love of color and glass together in perfect harmony.   Each piece, depending on the size and complexity can take as long as a week to complete and it feels finally like I have found a place to direct my energy in constant play and discovery.   I welcome you to take a look and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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